Thursday, 22 December 2016


Me: (setting down bag of laundry) Okay, the laundry is done.

Cat 1: Oh, a fresh bag of softy freshies.

Me: Get out of the laundry, please. (Picks up Cat 1)

Cat 2: Oh, a new bed. I must investigate.

Me: (Putting down Cat 1 to turn to Cat 2) Get out of the laundry. (scooping up Cat 2 and turning away to put her down)

Cat 1: I claim the new bed.

Me: Get out of it. (shooing away Cat 1)

Cat 2: (nestling into the laundry) This feels great. Good job.

Me: Would you leave the laundry alone please?

Cat 2: Fine. I’m leaving. (to Cat 1 as they slink away) Did you get the sock?

Cat 1: Yeah. They’ll never suspect a thing.

Cat 2: And so our collection grows.