Monday, 7 March 2016

Kung Fu Fighting Ghostbusters: a comedy song

In 1974 Carl Douglas topped the charts with Kung Fu Fighting. It took 10 minutes to record and was supposed to be the 'B' side of the single, but it went on to sell over 11 million records worldwide. It became the go to song for martial arts movies and any television program that needed that funky kung fu flavour.

A decade later, in 1984, Ray Parker Jr. (who had been in and out of the charts since the '70s with his group Raydio) knocked a number one home run out of the park with the theme to the movie Ghostbusters. The song was as catchy as it was unavoidable. It was even nominated for an Academy Award.

Now, for the first time, these two songs have been edited together by yours truly. The result is the one minute and twelve second comedy song Kung Fu Fighting Ghostbusters.

Crank it up and laugh, laugh, laugh. You're sure to get a kick (hiiiiiiiiiiiyah!) out of Kung Fu Fighting Ghostbusters.

Just click this link and prepare yourself for unexpected humour.

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