Monday, 17 August 2015

Jay's Jokes - Part Two

A year ago, around this time, we lost Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. At the end of that same week, my Father passed away. With that in mind, it seems only fitting that I present this joke from Jay.

Familial Sensitivity

Ted had been away at college for some time and decided to call home.

His little brother Bob answered.

After some chitchat, Ted asked, “How’s Minx the cat?”

Without missing a beat, Bob said, “Minx is dead.”

“Bob,” Ted said. “You know how much I loved that cat. Try to be a little more sensitive. Don’t just blurt out ‘she’s dead’. Ease into it.”

Bob asked, “Like how?”

“I don’t know,” Ted replied. “Why not say something like ‘you know how Minx used to sneak out of your bedroom window and up onto the roof? Well, she got up there just after it had rained. The roof was really slippery and we tried to coax her down, but she wouldn’t come inside. Then, to our horror, she lost her footing and fell. We did everything we could to save her, but alas, she was gone.’ Something like that.

“Okay,” Bob said. “I’ll try to remember that.”

“I appreciate your effort to be more caring and sensitive,” Ted said. “By the way, how is Dad?”

“Well,” Bob said. “You know how Dad used to sneak out of your bedroom window and up onto the roof?”