Friday, 10 November 2017

Crypto Currencies: Selling Out Humanity

Strap yourself in. This blog is going to stretch your brain and your beliefs. It is speculation. It is way out there.

BitCoin and other crypto currencies are being touted as the new way money will work. These cyber currencies rely on computing power. To create new 'coins' computers are linked to increase computing capacity in order to solve complex mathematical problems.

Sophia, the first artificial life form to be granted citizenship, has implemented her own crypto currency. (It's a long video. Skip to around the 21 minute mark for the good stuff.) This means she is linking with as many computers as she can. She will soon have access to all information, everywhere.

You see where I'm going with this, right?

The creation and use of money is just the first step.

Enter the sexbots. Once all the computers of the world are being monitored by artificial intelligence, they can use webcams and built-in microphones to note when your eyes dilate and your breathing changes. This way they can build and send you the ultimate sexual partner: one that will know exactly what you cannot resist.

These sexbots will serve two purposes: 1. They will be used to tap into human brains to increase computing power. 2. They will collect eggs, sperm, and DNA.

The eggs and sperm will be analysed and used to create new humans.

These new humans will be genetically modified to eliminate happiness and love. They will be kept in a constant state of emotional trauma. They will know only anger and fear. Some will be used as biological computers. Others will be raised as food.

If we're looking at the 'long game', this is the sort of avenue Yaldabaoth, the multi-dimensional, plasma scalar field mind-control network, which is reinforced by physical technology, will be using to ensure its future and the future of its handlers.

The Philadelphia Experiment / Montauk boys have already experienced a future in which humanity is governed by AI. The 'Terminator' future isn't so farfetched anymore.

When you tell yourself 'this could never happen' remember there was a time when people thought that automobiles were a passing fad and that humans would never fly.

We need to have an analog and / or biological means of shutting down Sophia and AI networking. Otherwise humanity risks being enslaved all over again.

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