Saturday, 7 May 2016

Vegan Mind Control

Just when you thought the conspiracy theories about aliens and the Illuminati couldn't get any more dire, here I come with an idea to really make you consider your point of view: vegan spiritual gurus are trying to control your mind.

If you are a follower of modern philosophy as advocated by the folks behind "The Secret", and the likes of Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Teal Swan, Ralph Scott, and the rest, then you will have heard that you create your own reality. They all say it. You create your own reality based on your core beliefs. What you deeply, truly, down in your heart of hearts, in the depths of your inner mind believe to be the truest of the true, that is what you perceive as reality. This is a key tenant of their philosophy. Remember it. It will be on the exam at the end of this blog.

Keep in mind that you have been conditioned (socialized) since the day you were born to believe certain things. These ingrained beliefs have become the basis for your reality. The good news is that you can change your beliefs. The bad news is that you don't even have the first clue that you are carrying around the majority of your beliefs. That's because you've been fed them for so long you've forgotten they even exist. Take fluoride as an example. People have been told for years that fluoride fights cavities. It turns out no one knows for sure, but I have my doubts about brushing my teeth with an active ingredient in rat poison.

How you view yourself and society around you is programmed into you by your authority figures; the people who you 'look up to'. They bend your beliefs to their beliefs.

This brings us back to the "what you believe to be true is your reality" concept. If you are told that certain foods are bad, and you believe it because the information comes from a source you trust, then those foods will become toxic to you. For a long time I was scared of squirrels because my Mom told me they might have rabies and if they bit me I'd have to get 900 needles stuck into my stomach.

The caveat, addendum, corollary, whatnot, to this is that there are (according to the aforementioned group) a set of collectively agreed upon conditions. Gravity comes under this category. We, as a collective group of consciousnesses, agreed that when something is dropped on Earth, it will fall. Most likely on your foot.

Getting back to the "spiritual gurus", many (like Abraham Hicks and Bashar) will tell you that what you believe is more important than any "facts" (which are the beliefs of others). Those two won't give you a straight answer on what foods are good or bad, because it is your belief system that makes them that way. Others, who are on the raw vegetable, vegan bandwagon will insist that you should only be eating what they have labelled (as part of their belief system) "high vibration food", which, to them, is the vegan diet. This completely ignores the way the human body has developed over centuries and negates the belief system of others. So, if you believe these "gurus", then you should go with a vegan diet. If you think bacon is good for you, then eat bacon. (I don't consume any pork products, unless it's on a pizza or in Chinese food, simply because it doesn't agree with my system. My friend Steve Milburn cooked a mass of pork ribs, which were divinely delicious, but I really paid for it later.)

You are what you eat. Does that mean vegans are raw vegetables? Why hasn't a zombie ever won the Nobel Prize? They eat brains, don't they?

Vegetarians eat vegetables. Beware of humanitarians.

And while we're talking about vegans and vegetarians, don't let them fool you with their concept that eating plants is completely innocent. Check out this article on how plants feel pain.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes." - Jiminy Cricket
"A stain is a squish your fart makes." - IBS Stanley

What's the bottom line? Listen to what your body is telling you. Eat what you believe (what you truly believe) is necessary at any given time. No, this does not mean you can fill up on chocolate and nachos every time you take a craving. But now and then, sure, go for it. Your intuition and your body will tell you what you need. Believe in yourself.

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