Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Survey Says

One of the jobs I had while in the employ of a market research firm was to edit responses in order to clarify what the respondent said. (This was chiefly to correct spelling mistakes made by the interviewers as they typed in the responses.)

The post office commissioned a study of their independent outlets. Here are some samples of what came across my computer screen.

“We have a good relationship with the salad people.” (I’m pretty sure they meant ‘sales people’, unless those tomatoes were attacking again.)

“I have no opinion. I am completely neutered.” (Ouch. Cut backs at the post office were really out of hand.)

“I have never had ant problems.” (It’s no picnic working at the post office.)

“Mail shipped to Labrador can be coastly.” (It’s on the east coast, so, good job post office.)

“He calls me regularly to see how thongs are going.” (I’ve heard it called ‘butt floss’, so… )

“He always responds in a prompt manner.” (If we don’t prompt him, he doesn’t respond.)

“They deliver mail in good shape.” (We never get flabby mail.)

“I call it medium service.” (It’s predictable.)

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