Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Nice Handle-Bar Moustache Facebook

I read an article the other day, written by one of the 'experts' who is good at blowing smoke out their asses, about the decline and fall of Twitter. The message was that Twitter will have to be put down like a cat with distemper. It was a disturbing and wildly inaccurate hypothesis based on spinning numbers.

Twitter must and will survive.

Comparisons are made between the social media networks. Twitter is an inclusive, open society. There is engagement on Twitter. Anyone can get involved. An ordinary person can have a conversation with a celebrity, politician, or other world figure. This is not one-sided. More often than not, the 'celebrity' engaged by the common folk will either respond or at the very least, favourite the tweet. Facebook is an exclusive, closed prison. You must be 'friends' with the people you want to deal with. Post something on a company or group wall (if you have 'liked' or joined that page) and you are not likely to receive a response.

Twitter gives friendly notices that someone has mentioned you. Facebook may or may not tell you and when they do they beat you to death with notices on your home page and via email. Facebook is like that whiny kid who always talks about themselves and wants everyone to pay attention to them exclusively. "You haven't been around in the past 24 hours. Do you like my shoes?" *sniffle *sniffle *whine *whine

'Promoted Tweets' aren't nearly as intrusive as Facebook's splattering of ads all up and down both sidebars and in the news feed.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn't change its policies every time a dog farts.

On Twitter, the content you post is yours. On Facebook, anything you post belongs to them and they will do with it as they please.

Both have great numbers of duplicate accounts. On Facebook that's because once you sign up you can never leave. On Twitter it's because people have personal accounts and business accounts. The level of engagement actually goes up with these duplicate accounts because it's easier for people to find each other.

Facebook mines data like a toothless prospector down to his last dime and sells those nuggets to governments and corporations. Twitter takes a mild interest in what their users are doing.

Twitter is the good, friendly guy. Facebook is the conniving, manipulative guy. Twitter is involved with the Open Source community. Facebook wants everything to be proprietary.

Watch out! Soon Facebook will be tying you to the railroad tracks and demanding you sign over your mortgage.

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