Thursday, 7 August 2014

Information Control

This is a warning to all free-thinking citizens.

I will remind you that these are just my opinions. I could be way off. I could be carried away. I may be misinformed. I may be malnourished.

Or I could be a freakin' genius who sees the world in a way few others can or want to. Sorry to make you think. You can always slide back over to Candy Crush and let your neurons happily decay.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but you are playing into the hands of the elite corporations and bringing about the downfall of civilization. At the very least, you're pissing me off.

The Kindle is not the only electronic reader out there. If you really want to know, the Kindle is only a small portion of the e-reading device market. It's just that Amazon wants you to think that their product is the be-all-and-end-all.

It doesn't even support the world standard for electronic publishing. (Read that again. World standard. When the people who decide these things looked at the various formats and ways of creating electronic books, they decided (quite wisely) to go with the EPUB format. That's the (I'll say it again) World Standard.

But that wasn't good enough for Amazon. They had to 'do their own thing'. So they stole, er, 'borrowed' the MOBI format, initially, before moving on to create their own AZW and KF8 and Fat-free-monosodium-glutamate-enhanced formats. The Kindle does not accept (the World Standard) EPUB format.

And that's fine, I suppose. Amazon is doing their best to become the monopoly of e-books. They're a business. That's what businesses do. Kill the competition and enslave the workers.

It worked for Apple, why not Amazon? Apple's i-Whatevers do support EPUB. However, it is Apple's own version. Apple just doesn't seem content to play nice with the rest of the electronic world, do they? They always have to be just a bit different. Just a bit special. Apple deserves a short bus all their own.

What galls me, however, isn't Amazon's lust for power, but people who lump all e-readers together and call them all Kindles. Kindles are handy. Kindles are nice. Kindles fit in your pocket. Well, I'm going to shove your Kindle up your keister (sideways) if you don't get it through your head that not all e-readers are Kindles. Stop calling them all Kindles. It's like calling all soda pop 'Coke'. Coke is one kind of pop, but it is not all pop.

Those e-readers that do support EPUB (the World Standard) include Kobo and Nook. There are dozens of others out there, too. Stop being so lazy and open your eyes. Do some research before you get sucked into the cozy world of Amazon. 'I can just get things with a click of my mouse. I don't have to cook or nothin'. Wonder if Amazon has a maid service what'll come over and clean up and wipe my butt fer me?'

These are the same people who, instead of saying that they are going to perform an internet search, say they are going to 'Google' something. Google is not the only search engine out there. Stop using the word 'Google' to mean 'internet search'. You're only playing into the hands of another power-hungry corporation. Google is already more dangerous than they should be. And you happily and unknowingly feed the Google beast every day.

They follow you and index you every second of every hour of every day. And then they report everything they've found out about you to the government and other large organizations who are willing to pay for the information.

Information is power, baby. And Google is full of it.

Try using a different search engine for different topics. They do exist. You'll be surprised at what you can learn, without being spoon-fed the information Google wants you to know. (Sure they index a lot of the internet, but are they giving you access to all of it? No, they are not. He who controls the information, controls the citizens.)

Open your eyes. Get off your duff. And wipe your own bottom while you still can.

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