Monday, 28 July 2014

A Post About Not Posting

This is a short post about why I won't be posting to this blog every day.

Blogs are a form of social media. The social media 'gurus' will say that it is important to blog as often as possible and to put up posts at the same time on those days. 

Well screw them.

I'll post when and if I feel like it. I've got enough to worry about without stressing over whether or not I've come up with another piece of pointless drivel to waste people's time.

A friend (whose name is an anagram of 'Savanna Feisty Hug' or 'Fantasy Naive Hugs' and even 'Unsafe Gash Vanity', but that one's a bit rude) told me that she had written a year's worth of blogs, just so she always has something to post. That's admirable. Her discipline in being able to churn out that amount of writing is something to aspire to. (See? I'm not always a spiteful bastard. Always a bastard; not always spiteful. Hey, the marriage arrangements of my parents is none of your bee's wax.)

It's not me, though. I prefer the spontaneity of the moment. Whatever is pissing me off at any given moment brings rise to my instant venomous humour.

There are certainly plenty of topics for me to rant about. Most times its hard to stay on one topic because the venting of my spleen leads me off on tangents about subcategories within the original post. When I mentioned social media 'gurus' at the start of this message it took tremendous effort not to wale on those self-appointed, full-of-themselves, popularity hogs. Those smarmy gits. Telling people what to do and when; all in the name of 'helping' others. What they're really doing is pushing people into panicking about trivial matters. It's an age-old sales technique. Create a crisis and come in to solve the problem - at a nominal fee.

Oh, bugger. Looks like I couldn't help myself. Okay, mini rant over. I have more important matters to deal with.

There will be a full-fledged rant coming soon and many more to follow.

Just don't expect them on a regular basis or at regular times.

If you want regularity, eat more fibre.


  1. Welcome to the world of the Monkey Brain. It seems to be gift from a parent. I think of it as brain multitasking. Only a special few can do it well. Love, Mom

    1. Thanks Mom. So *that's* why my arms are so long. It also explains the craving for bananas and why I'm always trying to pick nits off The Wife.


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